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Some quick starters to get you running with t38modem.

Download t38modem from the SourceForge downloads section, or directly from the openh323 CVS repository, using:

For the latest release:

cvs login (press 'Enter' when asked for password), then
cvs -z3 co -P -r RELEASED t38modem

For the latest snapshot:

cvs login (press 'Enter' when asked for password), then
cvs -z3 co -P t38modem

Installation instructions and documentation are available in the ReadMe.txt file included in the distribution.


  • UNIX Users: Version 1.0.0 introduces Unix98 PTY support, so 'Legacy Character Devices' are no longer needed. Note that the labels used for the actual devices change because of this. For versions prior to 1.0.0 you will need a linux kernel that has support for 'Legacy Character Devices'. If you do not have '/dev/ttyx0', you will need to recompile your kernel with 'CONFIG_LEGACY_PTYS=y', and 'CONFIG_LEGACY_PTY_COUNT=256. The menuconfig section is 'Device Drivers -> Character Devices -> Legacy (BSD) PTY Support'. This option is enabled in FC2 default kernels, but not in FC3 and FC4 default kernels. Click here for some more info as to how to recompile your Fedora/CentOS/RedHat kernel.
  • Windows Users: You need two COM ports connected via Null-modem cable to create one modem. Use Null-modem emulator for this.
  • You will need OPAL or H323plus or OpenH323.
  • ReadMe.txt file for latest release is available here.
  • Changes.txt file for latest release is available here.
  • Use the forums if you have any issues/questions!

    Last updated: 16 Apr 2009